Change to Law 41.7

In October 2017, MCC published a new Code of Laws. The 2017 Code was the first complete review and rewrite of the Laws in almost two decades. It was the result of a global consultation, took three years of drafting and sought to make the Laws fairer, more inclusive and easier to understand.

In the year since publication of the 2017 Code, MCC has listened to a great deal of feedback from around the world. Happily, most of it has been positive, with the Laws being adopted and understood by players, umpires and supporters. However, there have been some errors spotted, and one Law change in particular has proved unpopular.

MCC is thus publishing the 2nd Edition of the 2017 Code, which will come into force on 1st April 2019. Most of the changes which will differentiate this 2nd Edition from the first are small – minor corrections, explanatory clarifications, and the odd alteration to a Law that was drafted imperfectly. These will be published, in full, at the start of January 2019, giving all stakeholders plenty of time to read and process them before they come into force.

There is, however, one more significant change, which will have an impact on players and umpires – a reworking of Law 41.7, which relates to full-pitch deliveries over waist height (known colloquially as ‘beamers’). Because this will affect umpire training, MCC has chosen to publish the new Law at the earliest possible date.

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